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Treasures of Wonderment is a free positive and inspirational magazine sharing stories that will bring joy and hope to everyone. Treasures of Wonderment is an independent magazine and is absolutely not affiliated, supported and/or governed by any religious or political organizations in the United States and around the world.

Annick Elziere
TW Founder-Publisher-Editor
A native of the Beaujolais region in France, Annick came to the United States in 1974 to learn the English language and moved in for good in 1977. Annick worked on many personal projects including being a professional and published photographer, a website designer and editor, a coordinator-administrative assistant, and event producer-director for several noted public events and music festivals. She also was the owner-operator of a French caf
é-creperie in New Jersey.  For many years she promoted artists world-wide through her online boutique CafeAnnick.com (9/1999-9/2005) and multicultural events in the States. Annick is presently living in the Northwest Tucson area and is working as a French interpreter since February 2011. She will continue supporting the Arts and Diversity through her online magazine, Treasures of Wonderment and her new project of Diversity Caféannick in her home.

Many, many thanks to our wonder supporters:

ruie Mullins - Former Story-Editor
Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and presently living in Mission Viejo, California. Today ruie is a jewlry maker. Check her jewelry at  /tba

Lisa Janti - Author
Lisa whispered the name of "Treasures of Wonderment" to Annick who liked it. Thank you, Lisa. Read Annick's special 
INTERVIEW with Lisa who is presently living in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. Lisa's website: lisajanti.com

Hong Tatt Foo - Artist
Hong gave Annick the permission to use one of his beautiful paintings to create the background of TW banner. Foo Hong Tatt is an internationally known artist. Read Annick's special
INTERVIEW with Hong who is presently living in the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania. You may enjoy reading Annick's INTERVIEW published on Arts Dialogue. Hong's website: HongFoodGallery.com

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Playing For Unity In Diversity

The interpretation of Globalization, or Mondialisation du monde, in today's society is quite different from what we believe, it is very political taking advantage of minorities or what we used to call the 'third world' in order to advance and agenda for more power and money. This is wrong and that is not what TW and Playing For Unity In Diversity are about. We believe in Diversity and not Uniformity. We praise cultural enrichment, differences, empowerment and that is why we celebrate Unity in Diversity leaving politics out of our lives. We are creating our own Spiritual Revolution through Positive Change Through The Arts & Creative Living.

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