It takes time

Maria ChouchtariMaria ChouchtariIt takes time
To think about things that really matter.

It takes time
To transmit a message
It takes time to care about people,
to not ignore situations.

It makes a difference when we take time
To care about people who really matter
Friends, relations, family, even strangers.

To think about things that really matter
makes a world of difference
It's called Universal consciousness.
It's called a new awakening.
A new way of doing things for the better.
When more people can feel well,
Loved, sustained, joyous and fulfilled
and all participate like bricks in a building.

There are those that act as the foundation
There are those that consolidate the walls and the pillars
Others that seem like they are the windows
That let in the light
Others still are like the doors that let in the people.

and then there are the Masons
Who put it all together and make it like a fortress for well being.
Others are the gardeners that protect the environment
Plant the trees, shrubs, seeds, fruits and vegetables that
feed humanity.
Others educate the masses, encourage ideas, opinions
and artistic expression, musicians and artists that feed the souls.

Men, women and youth and children will indeed arise
and turn what used to be referred to as Utopia into reality.
It is not a dream but a deliberate plan
step by step, it's taking shape.
How we participate is up to us
It's our responsibility to partake according to our talents
But one this is certain, one thing I know
We can all participate in building a community
an integral part of the new world older..
Won't you join us?
We can even have a party, or a picnic or plant a garden!
Joy and music is not excluded.
Theater and dance is part of our cultural heritage.
Have a bite to eat and share our laughter.
We need not always be so serious.

The prophets have sacrificed their all for humanity.
It is our turn, and there is still time.
To build the bridge, the links of friendships,
To Unite the hearts,
But we don't have till eternity.
To forge the beam and reinforce the bolts,
fly the banners and attract the minds and consciences
of all the people,
Set the path straight for the lost and disillusioned
This is not done with merely wood, steel, cement and bricks.
But by following a plan
A blueprint for the building of a new civilization
Based on Peace, Equality, Justice and Vision.

Maria Chouchtari

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Playing For Unity In Diversity

The interpretation of Globalization, or Mondialisation du monde, in today's society is quite different from what we believe, it is very political taking advantage of minorities or what we used to call the 'third world' in order to advance and agenda for more power and money. This is wrong and that is not what TW and Playing For Unity In Diversity are about. We believe in Diversity and not Uniformity. We praise cultural enrichment, differences, empowerment and that is why we celebrate Unity in Diversity leaving politics out of our lives. We are creating our own Spiritual Revolution through Positive Change Through The Arts & Creative Living.

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