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Unusual International Film Festival

The Dawn Breakers International Film Festival (DBIFF) is a traveling international film festival which was founded to showcase positive and thought-provoking films.

“We have already made the films, so why not put it out there?” answers Mithaq Kazimi when asked about the creation of Dawn Breakers International Film Festival. The festival attracted a number of high-quality films along with an audience who were intrigued by the pieces presented during the two-day festival. DBIFF took place in Grand Canyon, Arizona and attracted some 500+ audience from around the United States and many European countries. The films were presented individually followed by a discussion led by Kazimi himself. The main purpose of DBIFF is to recognize Baha’i or Baha’i-themed films and provide the filmmakers a platform to present their work. The success of the event has already attracted many filmmakers and community members who wish to be a part of it and on that Kazimi stated, “I truly appreciate the positive response we have received so far and I’m sure we can go further with the help of the community members, conference programmers, art enthusiasts and our institutions.” The films, which were submitted by Baha'is and other industry professionals from all over the world including Malaysia, Spain, the United States, New Zealand, Cambodia, Australia, Pakistan, France, Canada, Hungary, Ethiopia, India, and the United Kingdom, range from music videos to television programs and feature-length movies. Filmmakers and film fans are encouraged to participate as the Dawn Breakers International Film Festival takes place in different cities in 2009. More information about the festival can be obtained from


JUSTICE (Short film, France, 5 min.)
Writer/Director/Producer: Bruno Behnam / Cast: Rodrigo Feldman, Lionel Antone

Two men are both side of a jail cell. A prisoner and a visitor. They don't know each other but they're linked, whatever their willing is.
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