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Living Out Your Dream to Follow Your Heart

Pierre SpierckelPierre Spierckel Pierre Spierckel is doing just that. Born in France and a French man through and through, a published author of young adult books, illustrator / painter / printmaker / bookbinder; Pierre Spierckel has had a great career and done things we may have dreamt about doing, traveled the globe and then some. When you first meet him you are immediately aware that this is a “free spirit”, at once creative, intelligent, a man totally aware of life and its surroundings, yet a very well grounded individual with something to say. And you want to listen. “I was tired of working too much, running too often and late in the end anyway”…says Spierckel. He says “if you’re tired of being bored when you take vacations and do nothing but lay in the sun; and you are looking for ways of discovering countries and their people; of moving without hurry and really seeing things…landscapes, monuments, cities in an original way, then here is my solution. Find a mate who has the same taste; buy a river boat in The Nederlands. Why The Nederlands? Because this is the land of marvelous boats – you won’t believe your eyes! Here you can find a good, comfortable and not too expensive “aak” (barge). That’s what we did”.

Dutch boat called an “jsselaak” named IVANKADutch boat called an “jsselaak” named IVANKASearching up and down the Nederlands Pierre and his girlfriend Fabi, discovered a Dutch boat called an “jsselaak” named IVANKA in a little port in the South of Holland. When they saw it they knew it was theirs. A perfect “peniche” (house boat) from 1920 renovated in the 70’s to become a small home, but very comfortable. Of course, says Spierckel, you will first have to learn to drive the boat, but, he says it is not that hard. Soon you will find yourself sailing and then you will discover another life! It’s quiet but not boring, you don’t need a big sport, you can go throughout Europe with your own home; stop in the most diverse places; famous cities, Amsterdam, Paris, or in the middle of nowhere. You will meet friendly people, always smiling and helpful, every day. You will see wild animals and if you like bird watching, then this is the place! And of course, good restaurants are never far away from the river, especially in France. All over, there are rivers and canals on which to sail to many countries, e.g. Great Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, The Nederlands and Poland…in France you will be able to sail along more than 7,000 km of waterways. And since you are not allowed to go fast, you have the time to enjoy every bit of them!”

The Gardeners of God, A Encounter with Five Million Baha'isThe Gardeners of God, A Encounter with Five Million Baha'isSpierckel is a Bahá’í and authors Colette Gouvion and Philippe Jourvion in their book “THE GARDNERS OF GOD” interviewed individual Bahá’ís, who were asked to discuss their personal process of discovery and adjustment to a lifestyle wherein Bahá’í principles are applied to daily life. The authors asked Spierckel if it was difficult to accept Baha’i teachings. “Frankly, no it wasn’t, he replied. “The laws that God gives us are made to help us progress and be happy, like the rules a mother gives her child.” “The most difficult ones to obey are not the ones you would think,” he said. “I can assure you that it is very difficult never to backbite…and yet Baha’u’llah defined it as one of mankind’s greatest evils and said that we must utterly avoid it.”

The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsWhile Spierckel loves his life living on a houseboat, traveling the waterways of Europe, he has also been a freelance guide the last three years, but now he feels it is “time for me to retire for real and sail the waterways just my friend, Fabi and me.”

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