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When Giving and Receiving Are Viewed As One

We probably all remember the "Peace Prayer" of St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) by an anonymous Norman c. 1915 A.D. The prayer goes like this "Lord make me an instrument of your peace, Where there is hatred, Let me sow love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is error, truth; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; And where there is sadness, Joy. O Divine Master grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled As to console; To be understood, as to understand; To be loved, as to love. For it is in giving that we receive, It is in pardoning that we are pardoned, And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life."

Unleashing the Power of Detachment through Self Mastery by Cal Feldman.Unleashing the Power of Detachment through Self Mastery by Cal Feldman."We cannot attain Peace without first changing ourselves says Cal Feldman, today humanity is suffering as a result of its severe attachment to material existence with little concern for deeper meaning of life’s purpose.  As a result, we witness a fragmented humanity – both individually and collectively – unable to realize its true nature.  However, at a closer look, we discover that many of us travel along parallel paths of attachment and detachment, moving between these two as we encounter many of the trials and tribulations (tests) that we face in the course of our development towards self-mastery. Eventually, we achieve our purpose and enter the gate of Divine Oneness – returning to our true home with the completion of our journey here on Earth.”

The Key is Given.The Key is Given.Gathering his thoughts, Feldman paused for a second, quietly and peacefully in what seems to be his manner;  then added quickly, “I offer to everyone a workshop that allows for the effective use of the will that offers new possibilities to experience a fuller life while balancing  and coordinating objective and subjective views of life.  Through the practice of detachment one is free to choose and to act; to experience life directly and not through others; to witness causes and their effects while remaining neutral to both.  By overcoming conditioning, one can progress towards self-mastery.”

Integration of Universal Laws - Change is the Central Theme.Integration of Universal Laws - Change is the Central Theme.Cal’s workshop, “THE LIGHT OF DETACHMENT” is definitely a need for each one of us but what kind of a method will he be using to teach all these good things.  Cal said ‘it’s simple, the best method to do this is to examine the nature of detachment, using the Law of Polarity as a common framework – provides us the opportunity to discover how freedom from limitation is possible.  Then we must work with both psychological and spiritual aspects of attachment and detachment – which provides opportunities for integrating these areas.  And we also need to work with Universal Laws in the context of attachment and detachment which provides opportunities to achieve optimal results towards self-mastery. “

Integration of Universal Laws - Change is the Central Theme. Cause and Effect - Changes occur through cycles of energy.Integration of Universal Laws - Change is the Central Theme. Cause and Effect - Changes occur through cycles of energy."Of course, there are many levels of Detachment, Feldman explained.    Some people are fully aware in the present moment; assuming responsibility for life’s purpose; using detachment to achieve their spiritual goals.   Then you have people who are fully conscious; assumes full responsibility; using detachment to work through tests.  People are all at different levels which will explain to us why life is very difficult for many. Other people will be self-conscious assuming greater responsibility and capable of being detached. Others are conscious of assuming some responsibility with some awareness of detachment and then there are people who have no clue. These people are unconscious, mechanical and will continue to struggle with attachments.”

At what level of detachment are you?   Attachments are described as ideas, views, opinions, expectations, thoughts, beliefs, fears, obligations, hostility, and conflicts.  Detachments are denial, avoidance, passivity, non involvement, distraction and more.

Integration of Universal Laws - Change is the Central Theme.Integration of Universal Laws - Change is the Central Theme.Feldman says, “It is necessary to free ourselves from unnecessary associations such as what we are doing and thinking.   We should all be learning how to be fully present in the moment and accept what is in the here and now.  Feldman added that detachment allows for the visibility – extended viewpoints – from which to acquire a 360 degree perspective to discover new possibilities and associations.  Detachment provides a basis for being grounded in one’s beingness – free to discover and experience life in its fullness.  Detachment provides the means to become objective in thought and action, and facilitate problem-solving.   It allows for inner and outer communication and movement or focus of attention.  Detachment allows one the freedom to make decisions and act.  It also allows you to experience life directly rather than through the interpretation of others. Detachment is the key to mysteries and allows ourselves to release from the illusions of the ego and to accept truth.”

Integration of Universal Laws - Change is the Central Theme.Integration of Universal Laws - Change is the Central Theme.So what brought Cal Feldman to such studies and having the desire to help others to achieve a state of Oneness, feel the life force connection and integrate it within through the stillness of the mind; to become one with its power?

Through detachment, can the mind become still and through the state of Oneness can one become enlightened, attain freedom and become a co-creator with God?

Cal FeldmanCal FeldmanWe watched as Feldman looked out the window then turning he looked at us and said “A year ago after extreme headaches and feeling nausea, my wife, Madeleine, drove me during the night  to the hospital emergency room where I was diagnosed as having an erupted Pituitary Adenoma (Pituitary Tumor) and was operated on that same evening.  The operation was successful and in a few days I was released from the hospital to spend a couple of months recovering at home.  Knowing that I had this tumor several months prior to the operation, I elected to wait and see if the tumor would stay the same, thus avoiding having to do the operation.  During this time I was seeking help from healers and one such person, Cay Randall, an author, intuitive consultant and healer with a scientific and artistic background, said that I needed to begin to outflow to others.  She suggested that I start a study group but could not figure out how.  I was encouraged to become a teacher and a guide to assist others in their journey along the roads of attachment and six months ago, I began to develop “The Light of Detachment” workshop as a first step in creating the outflow of the lesson learned from overcoming conditioning and attaining  freedom through detachment, centered in the Light.”

Unleashing the Power of Detachment through Self Mastery by Cal Feldman.Unleashing the Power of Detachment through Self Mastery by Cal Feldman.The whole purpose of detachment is to discover and apply the Spiritual Law of Giving – that is, one needs to be the giver of the gift received in order to have the gift – in this way one is applying the Spiritual Law of Detachment. When giving and receiving are viewed as one and the same then the thought of duality is replaced by one thought and cause and effect are transcended. Applying the law of giving requires one to be detached from ownership of the thing being given and that, in the process of giving, one must also be detached from the anticipation of having the gift once it has been shared with another. Through the Spiritual Law of Giving, creation is extended to include a greater degree of wholeness and holiness – the divine presence of the oneness of all that is.

Madeleine and Cal FeldmanMadeleine and Cal FeldmanThe Light of Detachment workshop is currently being presented at the Desert Rose Baha'i Institute. Cal was born in Chicago and later served in the Air Force as an instructor. Cal is currently employed by Boeing as a Systems Engineer where he is also an instructor in Boeing’s Leadership Program. Cal also taught courses at DeVry Technical Institute. Although working as an engineer for most of his career, Cal has pursued his interest in Spiritual teachings over the years. He believes that truth, like gold, matters little which mine it comes from, since its properties remain the same. Cal has gleaned myriad facets of spiritual truths from a variety of religious and spiritual sources including major religions and spiritual paths. His workshop on the Light of Detachment, while based on his own experiences, is grounded in the Law of Opposites. Cal believes that it is through understanding and applying this law, as well as others, that real progress can be made in this life. This will better prepare us for the next.

Cal has a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Management Science. He lives in Maricopa, Arizona with his wife Madeleine.

Madeleine Feldman has recently established an ongoing program, Through the 'I" of Change, which focuses on reducting and controlling self-defeating thinking, beliefs and behaviors based on the proven principles of the Cognitive Behavior approach. Madeleine's background and experience is in psychology and education. Cal and Madeleine Feldman can be reached at 520-483-0794.

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