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Because Coffee and Milk Have No Prejudice

Because Coffee and Milk Have No Prejudice

Being so fascinated by the city of Budapest, I found myself asking the question: How’s Hungary doing today?  Ajang Farid said "You know, we live in a small country but we are very active.  We are a large group of people of all ages getting together very often trying to bring change. Projects are lining up on the table one by one. The youth is very much involved in producing videos."

Dr. Ajang FaridDr. Ajang Farid“Yes, I am one of the producers of the videos. We are excited about this project and making films. One of them is about our friends who have been imprisoned in Iran because of prejudice. Our thought was to create a short video for the Hungarian media so they can use it directly in TV programs whenever the persecution of the Faith in Iran is mentioned. We also wanted to send a message to the friends in Iran that a small community in a small European country (Hungary) is thinking of them, and feels motivated to serve the Cause the more the friends in Iran are persecuted. We hope that the message got through. You can watch the video below. We are currently working on more videos.”

Dr. Ajang FaridDr. Ajang FaridAjang added “One of the people speaking in the "Iran video" is a Roma (gypsies who are a traditionally nomadic people dispersed throughout western Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Americas.) who has changed a lot ever since he became a Bahá’í . His name is Artur Fuezi, and he used to be in a gang from the slums.” I said: “Yes, I read an article called “21st Century Cities Two Billion Slum Dwellers” by Elisabeth Eaves of Forbes Magazine, claiming that by 2030, an estimated 5 billion of the world's 8.1 billion people will live in cities. About 2 billion of them will live in slums, primarily in Africa and Asia, lacking access to clean drinking water and working toilets, surrounded by desperation and crime. For decades, governments around the world simply abdicated responsibility for this massive urban influx. Planning and building is not keeping pace. The world ignores the slums at its own peril. Slums are not good for society.”

Youth in BudapestYouth in BudapestAjang continued “Artur was a child when he first heard about the Bahá’í Faith in one of our children’s classes. Then as a youth he became more attracted to the Faith, and he left the criminal gangs and violent drug he had been part of.  He declared as a teenager, married a Hungarian/German girl, and he studied to be a hairdresser. He is now one of the top hairdressers in Hungary, and wins one prize after another. He is very active in the Faith - teaching and is involved in the core activities. In the video he is the one who says "The Baha'is are persecuted because they want the betterment of the world". He has one son, Anis, and his wife is expecting their second child."

Youth in BudapestYouth in BudapestOf course, I agreed with Ajang and could not avoid adding my two cents saying that we must all find a way to support our Bahá’í friends of Iran who are suffering while being oppressed by the Islamic regime of Iran who is accusing them of being Apostates of Islam.  Those accusations are addressed to all the Bahá’ís from around the world, a number that is growing every day because we are hungry for more justice. The seven Bahá’í s imprisoned in Evin are hostages. The world needs to be aware and care about what is happening.  We know the Bahá’í Faith is the one religion who recognized the Prophet Mohammad and Jesus Christ as both Messengers of God so why are they being tortured and murdered since its birth? The Iranian government's accusations that Bahá’í s are spies for Israel makes no sense.  Allowing seven Baha’is to die in the hands of their oppressors, will cause humanity to move 9 steps backward.

Youth in BudapestYouth in BudapestAjang shook his head to agree with me and said “Our Bahá’í community in Hungary is quite small (around 1000 believers) but very united and full of programs and energy. We do a lot of audio-visual work. Our latest production is a short clip from our intensive long Ruhi weekend to which around 50 friends came. You feel the energy of people in Hungary. They are eager to change and be great leaders of peace. We have those intensive Ruhi camps at least 4 times a year. But we also did some funny video ads like the one advertising for a Bahá’í Study Circle (Ruhi) courses. One of them was called "Masses are Waiting" and “Have it.”  I said “yes, it was fun to see your clip on Youtube “Get Your Own Ruhi Book” because it was filmed in Italy. In July 2007, I had the chance to attend the Irfán Colloquia conference (Bahá’í Studies in English) presented by some great scholars, Wendy and Moojan Momen. The village of Acuto is beautiful and offered a perfect set up for your clip.  Ajang continue “One of our latest video was the filming of The Regional Bahá’í Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, the weekend of the 7th and 8th of February 2009.”

Being a fan of Soy Cappuccinos I was curious to find out why "Mocca Frapuchino" was the title of Ajang and Nadji’s new film.  The answer is simple ...because coffee and milk have no prejudice. Why didn’t I think of that before? “In addition to all that we are doing, the movie  will be shown in the cinema by the end of 2009. It's a romantic action comedy and the actors are members of our community as well as our non-Bahá’í friends. The main actors are listed as follow: myself, Ajang Farid; Nadji Hedjazi; Hans Peterson; and many more. We have a group on Facebook, called "Mocca Frapuchino - movie fan club", which shows a lot of pictures and some short clips of the cast and shooting. “All this is happening mainly in our cluster, Budapest, which is a priority (A) cluster.” I was very impressed by the dynamism of these people trying their best to change the world as one world with nations that should and will embrace each other.”  We are all looking forward to watch ‘Mocca Frapuchino’ at the movie theater.

Each day Bahá’ís endure negative propaganda from the Iranian media, they cannot practice their religion and they are deprived of their fundamental human rights. Bahá'í Magyarország from Hungary have produced a video to support the friends of Iran.

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