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July 2009 has been a month of crisis around the globe and especially in Iran where a fight for individual civil rights has been fraught with protests and violence.  Millions of people all over the globe have become acutely aware of the struggles of the Iranian people to become masters of their own destinies.  We at Treasurers of Wonderment decided it was crucial that we focus on this most important issue and leave the important issues for tomorrow.   So, we hope that you will join us in our quest to give all of our attention at this time to civil rights and the trial of the Iran Bahá'í Seven whose fate is in the hands of all of us and what we do to bring about their safe return to their families.

Please join us as we ask for your love and prayers for the Iran Seven as well as for the thousands of others who are persecuted daily for no other reason than their religious beliefs throughout the world.

We will be back in August with fresh and new stories for your reading pleasure and thank you sincerely for your support.

The Treasures of Wonderment Team.

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