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You have words on your wings

MariaOn angels wings you fly into my arms
You knew not where this came from or why
Yet there are powers beyond ours
Those who know better and whose vision is world-embracing
Including worlds as yet unknown.
You speak not, yet I hear your voice.
You appear not, yet I see your face,
Your heartbeat is heard in the distance
My soul speaks to you in dreams
Your soul speaks to mine.
Words are not necessary, some say
A mere tool of communication
Where mortals must as yet serve and be served by
Please, thank you, make your way, help yourself
Pray, please be seated!
Forms of courtesy to be used in public
Where sentiments are lacking and
Laughter must yet find its way.
Can I make you a cup of tea?
But words carry emotion!
They sit on wings
They ponder, they dare!
They are full of wit and spontaneous expression
They carry the burdens,
They cheer the hearts
They lighten the woes,
They impart feelings.
Thank God for words that make us speak
When everything is still so unknown and mysterious
As much as I wish I could read minds,
I know my feelings carry far.
I hope and pray my thoughts are heard.
But thank God for Words.
They inspire revelation
They make truth of mere inspiration
They carry with them goals and observation
No time for speculation
They can be Heavenly if they are ripe.
They do not make fun of friendships bonded in light.
O heartless ones take heed!
For no journey is faster than the speed of words.
Should you wish to hurt you can do so also,
But be warned those words will travel with you forever
To dark places, that will see no light.
Offend not your Brother, for he is also mine.
Be happy in spite of it all, and accept no other ransom
For I have given my son for your happiness and true liberation.
You need not worry for all things come to the best of conclusions
When you are close to my heart and mine to yours.
They are part of our recollections, though the words may be few.
You know how to feel.
I get stuck on words when I think too hard.
So I’ll let them flow and hesitate not
For mentions are for things worth mentioning
No plight is ever too strong.
Bring me good wishes! Send me loving tidings!
I long for the words so often neglected
For they bring true joy to my heart
And give my heart wings.
Fly dear angels for you have words on your wings.
Perfect Harmony repeats itself in Perfect harmony.
Be it forever said
Nothing comes from nothing
So whatever it may be has its origin
In the valley of Contemplation
Miles away, yet close to our hearts.
-  maria

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