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Students Expelled from Semnan University

Students Expelled from Semnan University

October 29th, 2009 - Although they had only attended one week of classes at the university, Ms. Mojdeh Nourani, Ms. Farahnaz Felfeli, and Mr. Aradalan Tebianian, who had passed the national university entrance examination in 1388 (2009), were expelled from Semnan University and deprived of their right to education by order of University Protection authorities.

According to HRANA, based on reports from the Higher Education Committee of Human Rights Activists in Iran, these students repeatedly appealed to various levels of authorities, including the President of the university, to no avail. The only response they received was: “orders from above”. It is important to note that university authorities have expressed that they have been instructed not to present any document or any evidence showing that the students were expelled from the university.

[Sources:] [Iran Press]

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