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Every Ready Soul Comes

(A brief sample of the story)

Immortal tempest,
Flying raven tail comet,
Bardo dreams clay soil.
She ignored the sensation of queasiness twisting her stomach and reached for the red phone, now on its sixth ring.  “Compochia here, may I help you?” Her voice was crisp and without a hint of the apprehension she felt as the office walls swayed in rhythmic response to the ground tremor now in progress.

“This is Ebazile; I have been trying to reach you all day but you never returned my … The room started to sway and he heard a cracking sound in the walls. His desk chair rolled and he nearly crashed into his black metal work station, upon which lay a clutter of papers and charts, a broken yellow ruler and a displaced electric pencil sharpener.  “Whoa! Are you feeling this rolling?”   He reached out a hand to steady the black laptop computer that sat in the middle of the cluttered desk.  “My whole office is shaking.  Tremors are rolling in hot and heavy these days.  Think maybe the Big One is on its way?”  Ebazile’s deep baritone voice held a hint of strained humor.

“I sure hope not.”  Compochia gripped the blue telephone and put it on speaker; her hands pressed hard against the arms of the rectangular oak desk for support.  The room revolved sickeningly causing the floral drapes to ripple like wind waves on a lake filled with afternoon sun.  “Perhaps this swaying is just the spirits trying to get our attention.  I bet they are trying to suggest to us that we get out of our offices and go home to our families who, no doubt are feeling somewhat neglected by now,” she laughed.

“My guess is that you are correct in your assumption,” Ebazile replied, joining in on her half hearted attempt at humor.

“But Ebazile you did not call me at this ungodly hour of the night just to talk about quaking soil.  Why did you really call?”  Compochia half rose from her seat and leaned across the neatly appointed desk and reached in vain for the jade paperweight Yillib had given her on their fifteenth wedding anniversary.  She watched in apathy as it rolled on to the plush burgundy carpet.

“Dr. Rainier is out of confinement and the council believes that he is now the leader of the opposition.  Rumor has it that he is in town.  The High Council wants him stopped.  They want him and his minions driven from Sector One and this time for good.  They want you to take charge of the situation.  Will you do it?”  Ebazile’s tone was emphatic.

Compochia put a hand to her free ear to block out the rattling sound of glass banging against metal hinges.  “So I have heard, and I have already laid out a preliminary strategy for their capture which the Council is welcome to.  If I were to do it, I would need people I can trust to do the field work.  There is frankly a lot to consider, after all Dr. Rainier is still very well connected in Sector One and he and his followers will stop at nothing to get what they want.”

“Sure they are powerful but so are you.  I have seen you in action before on the field of battle and on the Council floor.  He smiled to himself recalling her stance last week on the floor of the High Council.  He recalled how she had moved with an ageless air of authority as she addressed the solemn faces of its members, her exotic features unmarked by the many years she spent grappling with the forces of power, struggling to make her way up the chain of influence.  Her slender form belied her cunning ability when pressed hard by a tough situation.  “I have never met a woman quite like you Compochia.  Believe me I would never want to be on opposite sides in a confrontation with you.  I think the Council has made the right choice in choosing you to handle Rainier.”  Ebazile’s tone held a hint of challenge.

Character List:

1. Compochia Amends first as a young lady and then as an old woman in blue silk robe twirling elegantly about her dainty feet.
2. Yillib:  A Council Guard in uniform with high topped black boots that were at least a size twelve. As an old man married to Compochia
3. Cardinal visits Compochia
4. Red Tail Hawk chases red bird
5. Knarf Ransom, deep baritone voice, a guard
6. Drock Potec, a renegade guard
7. Professor Gibosdon, Philosophy Professor at Chamomile University
8. Guard Master Tandor, pudgy but imposing build with skin the color of wet pine     trunk; the woolly, salt and pepper beard framing his weathered face.
7. Ponzot Mortine: Male, 6’2”, dressed in the uniform of the Guard. Handsome face with pecan colored eyes; skin the color of sun-streaked beach sand, black hair cropped close.
8. Neira Figmore young guard, dark brown hair. Evangelical Christian.
9. Durgana; a statue of an ancient sage
10. Posadum: statue of first Head of the High Council
11. Six men dressed as grasshoppers
12. Man dressed as a blue jay
13. The Cook; a heavy set matronly woman who smells like the food she cooks.
14. Dr. Rainier, head of the Council Guard research team.
15. Short, fat man, bald except for a half ring of silver wool, extending from ear to ear; thick accent.
16. Tall, bearded man with coarse black hair growing out of his nose and ears.
17. Council Guard – soldiers
18. The heavy-set Shop-keeper
19. Spentur Freznon
20. Bublood Himron
21. She looked to be in her early twenties and had olive skin and hair the color of the sun falling into the night ocean hanging down to her shoulders.  Dark freckles spotted the otherwise flawless complexion of her exotic face.
22. Crom: a diminutive brown man, coal black eyes, thick busy eyebrows, black kinky hair and beard; dressed in a green robe and matching head cover, his hands outstretched and palms toward the ceiling; his feet peculiarly crossed.  Diminutive, brown skin, the color of hen’s eggs. 


1.        The water front town of Chamomile
2.        Public House:  A Council owned facility used for the training of the Council Guard.  It has double glass doors at the entrance and its floor is covered with industrial grade green carpeting.  The registration desk is a long counter on the left side of the room near the wall.
3.        Beach
4.        Coffee shop adjacent to the lobby
5.        Compochia’s quarters in the Public House. There is a mahogany table in front of the gray couch.  Walls are beige, carpet is light brown.  The bed is near a double panel window. Large dresser and walk-in closet.
6.        Sector 2.
7.        Pine Forest where the Council Craft hovers
8.        Lead Ship; gigantic silver bumble bee fanning its wings but it is actually the lead ship from Sector 2.
“What are our orders Sir?” Compochia asked.    She dared not mention to him that it was common knowledge among the Guard that the Council Command Disk holds the formula for operating the experimental craft and many other things as well.
9.        Door way through the pig pen.  A world of rainbow colors.

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