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Fast Tablets For U

Fast Tablets For U

A little humor never hurt anyone - Special interview with Laheeb of "Unity Pharmaceuticals" who discovered an innovative way to regress spiritually - Fast Tablets! This funny Baha'i-inspired commercial can be appreciated by all world religions. Watch this funny video at the bottom of our story.

TW: Laheeb Quddusi, what inspired you to get into video production and add some humor to your films?

LQ: Since junior high, when I did a commercial for a school project. I got more involved as I participated in film festivals for young producers. I really enjoy it a lot and I love humor, too.

TW: How many of you are involved in your video production team? 

LQ: There are the two of us; Ashkon and I, we are the creative minds behind all our projects, I direct and edit, while Ashkon polishes the story and makes things better; he is also a great graphic artist.

TW: Aside from making humorous films, what else do the two of you do?

LQ: We are both students. Ashkon is studying to be an Architect and I'm finishing a Bachelor's in Science. As you guessed, we are both poor but very motivated students.

TW: With names like Laheeb Quddusi and Ashkon Ataee, one would guess that you are Iranians Baha’is but really, where are you staying and studying today?  

LQ: We are both working in Alberta, Canada. Woo! ...or more appropriately, Moo!

TW: You are fabricating Fast tablets which are a fabulous invention so tell us how you feel about your own Fasting?  

LQ: As top shareholders in Unity Pharm, we have access to lifetime supplies of Fast Tablets, and therefore we're feeling pretty good. We can recite dawn-prayers at dawn finally, and we're not wasting money on unnecessary food expenses (i.e. the grande mocha latte at Starbucks).

TW: Some people would say "isn't it much easier to not Fast at all?” Please tell us briefly what is the Baha'i Fast? Is it any different from other religions?

LQ: Please see for more deepening on the subject. It ends just before Naw-Ruz (Baha'i New Year) and Springtime and begins right after the Baha'i days of gift-giving and fellowship called Ayyam-i-Ha. It is a super-spiritual revival every year.  Ashkon and I love to entertain, we see the joy and humor in otherwise awkward or sad situations. Our videos do not directly inform people about the Baha'i faith, nor do we intend to in the near future--we're leaving this job to experts and professionals who can share the vision of Baha'u'llah's message in a tact, respectful and world-embracing way. 

TW: I really enjoy your films and the humor that you add to them. It's good to not always take ourselves seriously. I enjoyed very much the Study Circle (The Office Parody), the first night of a Ruhi Book 1 study circle.  Thank you Laheeb for telling us more about your video projects. Keep up the good work. We all wish you a happy Fast and a Very happy New Year coming up on March 21st.

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