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Are we praying hard enough?

Maria ChouchtariMaria ChouchtariAre we praying hard enough?
Are our prayers taking Mankind on a journey
leading them closer to the hearts?

We who are sheltered and secure
But maybe we need to pray just a little harder
for those who are not and have not.

Yes, there are feelings in our prayers
It is giving them strength.

But they are fearless
or they would not have been
The Chosen few~

Why them? Why not us?
We need to reassure ourselves,
It is so that we may pray for their souls.
It is our bounty to pray for them.

I don't want to pray ALONE.
I want the world to pray with me.
Let us pray together!
So that our prayers may form a link,
A chain never to be broken,
For our "Angels in cages"
as we can rest assured,
Our prayers are indeed working!
The world is becoming conscious!

Do you want to see what angels look like?
Look at the faces of the Yaran.
They might as well have grown wings
hidden under their wing-bones.
Smiling faces facing the storm
Under the fire of tests, they bear the heat and glow!
Some suffering from untreated illness,
Others with wounds left unattended.
Yet while I hold their picture in my hand
I draw courage from their stamina
They feel like doves of peace ready for flight.
Their hearts are beating, their pulses are felt.

Where does one find such faith?
They glow amidst the darkness of persecution.
They lend a new consciousness to the masses.
They merit the REGARD of our world.
They inherit the prayers of the sincere.
They inspire astonishment.
They happily share the spotlight of the shining few
Where justice is sought after in no small measure.
A consciousness is arising in the land of Persia
So that the world may see a new horizon.
A new life is stirring as they stand for unity.
They are preparing its entrance into the world.

Patience was reinvented by these precious leaves of the Most Great Branch
They are true symbols of detachment!
Endurance was begotten by their status!
Illustrous examples of strength were reborn!
In their incarceration there is a wisdom.
Faith is strengthened through the power of these Servants
Upon their release a new freedom will be found,
Hearts will be moved and minds enlightened.
Great must be their sacrifice, for they have not said a word!
So that all lessons may be taught
and the outcry of the just may be heard.
For "Oneness" must earn its place among us.

Some needed to serve as " scapegoats:
They lent themselves to this ordeal.
So we could be spared the pain.
Selected for their purity
To their heroic qualities heaven attests.
May they survive the evil plotting
For these angels are truly the stars
They soar along the paths of the paradise of Knowledge and Wisdom
Virtues take on new meanings educating mankind along the way.
May they be released unharmed!

Let them not be hurt by careless indifference!
Rarely has the world witnessed such determination and forbearance
in the face of opposition;
They must not be forgotten, these heroes and heroines of our time.
There is still time to pray.
All peoples must unite for their liberation
Under all conditions conscious efforts must be sustained
To link them to our souls, inspirations and meditations
as our longing increases for just deliberations.
So that they who are not faint in heart
May find the words to the songs of freedom
In order that True Justice may be granted to all!

by Maria Chouchtari

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