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Maria ChouchtariMaria ChouchtariThese outpouring of verses have a way of keeping me afloat
Things that come to my mind when I am inspired.
And without telling a lie, at times, I truly am inspired.
For I myself know not where this is all coming from.
Creativity with words I never really had or at least
never noticed.

It may be boring to some and irrelevant to others
so I don't always share it but always write it.
Some days I wake up with poetry in my head.
Some day it will have a purpose if only to uplift a spirit.
Just in case you are interested.

Some people paint, others draw, others compose music,
and it comes from a special place, not known to all persons.
It's called creativity and its origin is love.
Clouds of energies are filling us with purpose.
Reminding us of who we are, and why we are here.
It is, who I am and this is, what I do.
Encouraging persons of talent like you.

If you don't wish to read this, you can always press delete.
I can hear you complaining already about all the attention you are getting.
And you will probably take it for granted because that is how you know I am.
Ever ready with poetic incantations to keep away the frustrations
of things that can go wrong in a day, in a week, in a month, in a lifetime.
And then we ask ourselves " Why?, Why now?, Why me?"
Only God knows the answer!
Heaven help us! And at times, we cry.

A gift is worth accepting, even if at times you feel it is too much,
If only to honour the giver.
For refusal to accept it would be hurtful to the one offering it.
And nothing could be more disappointing or disheartening.
If you don't like it, you can always throw it away
or give it to someone else,
but be ever mindful that the person who offered it,
did so with a sincere intention.

It is like a vitamin pill.
Even if you take it only once in awhile,
it will boost your energy and keep your immune system healthy.
Knowing someone is thinking of you and sending you good vibrations,
makes a difference in our prayers, words, actions and inspirations.
It is, all about giving, if only with words of encouragement.

by Maria Chouchtari

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