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The night lay like black silk
silence loomed from every corner
as a soft layer of mist fell
on the window
the car seemed to sense that it too must be still
nothing dared to interrupt her thoughts
how could it end this way
no shouts, no recriminations
just a whimper so small it could hardly be heard
it was over after all the years of trying
it was finally over
it was what she had wanted for so very long
then why was she crying
tears streamed down her face as if they were a part
of the mist
quiet tears of relief or were they tears of regret?
a little of both perhaps
if you won't move out by Sunday, then I will
the words fell from her lips before she knew she had said them
no, he said, I will
they stood there and just looked at each other
both knowing, both feeling empty
it was over
marriage, children, family
never to be the same again
it had been six months since that day
yet here she was driving the streets at midnight
not far from the house
but there was something about the absolute silence
somehow it kept her sane
how many times now had she laid on the kitchen floor
in terror not knowing how do it alone
yet knowing she had no choice
she couldn't turn back
not now, not ever
so the midnight ride became a ritual
the tears, the mist, the silky black sky
all a part of saying goodbye
soon, she told herself
soon she would find her way
and get on with life
but tonight it seemed as if soon was all gone now
somehow it was different
she stopped at the end of the street
the wall loomed large in front of her
all she had to do was back up, step on the gas
and it would end
the fear, the terror, the empty feeling
suddenly a scream shattered the silence
a light shone in the window
are you alright?
she rolled the window down
the officer looked anxiously at her tear stained face
yes, yes, I'm okay now
he looked at her for a moment or two
you better get home, it looks like it's going to be a wet night
thank you she said, I'm on my way
as she drove home in the silence
tears streaming once again down her face
she had come close
but she was still here
something inside telling her to have faith
it will be alright
it's over and a new day is dawning

by ruie

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