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We Share Your Dream

We Share Your Dream

After Iran’s disputed presidential election in June 2009, millions of people took to the streets, bravely defying a repressive regime to demand free and fair elections. Repeated uprisings have reminded the world that, for many Iranians, the struggle for democracy lives on. Among the many sympathetic to Iran’s Green Movement were two American songwriters, Ron Ovadia & Matthew Levine, who had a profound desire to express their solidarity through song and have their “voices” sound the call for human rights in Iran. The song commemorates the anniversary of the 2009 election. Below is a YouTube video and the lyrics of our song.

Lyrics of VOICES OF DEMOCRACY are below the video
©2010 Words & music by Ron Ovadia & Matthew Levine


They poured into the street
At least a million strong
They rose up on their feet
To challenge what was wrong
The calls of young and old and women brave and bold
Echoed as they chanted for what we all take for granted

The voices of democracy
Are ringing loud and clear
The voices of democracy
Are singing without fear
With a fist above the fray
They know it’s finally time to seize the day
And the world is listening as they clear the way
For democracy

Through patience and through prayer
They all renewed their fight
Courageously they dare
To stand for what is right
For freedom to ring true and rights long overdue
Their flag is proudly waving for the liberties worth saving

The voices of democracy
Will surface through the veil
The voices of democracy
Know justice will prevail
Each a candle in the night
Together like a sun that’s burning bright
Growing stronger as they bravely shine a light
On democracy

And though their blood has spilled
Their spirits can’t be killed
The flame burns evermore
When it’s freedom that you’re fighting for

The voices of democracy
Where millions march as one
The voices of democracy
Their work has just begun
And although we’re worlds apart
We feel your passion deep inside our heart
And we share your dream to make a brand new start
Nothing less than the creation
Of the future of a nation
With democracy

Website: Voices of Democracy

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