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New Day

Selected Poems by James P. West (New Release)Selected Poems by James P. West (New Release)The rising sun that lights the sea
And warms each mile so gradually
Lies hidden from our mortal sight
But none the less dispels the night.

And so God's word with brilliant force
Though few at first discern the source
Has burst upon the sea of men
And lit the future once again.

How many will proclaim his signs
When the truth shines bright from the noon day
But blest are they whose faith's first sworn
In these still, dark hours of earliest morn.

c. James P. West 2010  Wayward: Selected Poems

James P. WestJames P. WestThe poems of Wayward attempt to glean the meaning behind the many metaphors of life-the rising sun, a falling apple, a passing deer. The poet, perhaps surprinsingly, is also a PhD economist, who sees his poems like classroom graphs that reveal unseen truths with clarity adn conciseness. Jim West has widely travelled around the world (sometimes waywardly), lived and worked in India, Slovakia and the United States. He is married to wife, Ruhi, who he met in India and they have three children. They currently reside in eastern Pennsylvania, where Jim is Profressor and Chair of the Economics Department at Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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