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Choices to Love

Marianna QuintMarianna QuintChoices to Love...a true life Cinderella story

Despite being exposed to poverty, racism, sexual and physical abuse as a child, Marianna Quint made choices that led her on a path to a loving and fulfilling life. Now she is sharing her experiences to inspire others to create their own destiny. “Life may give you a rough beginning but by making good choices we can create any life we choose – we must never give up, always focusing on the better choice.”

Life is about choice, one choice after another. What your life becomes is based on the choices made. This book is about making choices based on love or based on what will move you to positive life experiences. Partly autobiographical, the author takes you through her life and where the choices took her. Being a child of mixed heritage she faced many challenges racial, physical,and mental abuse experienced daily in her life. Not wanted by her biological family, raised in a foster family home in the inner city ghetto of Watts California.

She survived by making positive choices and not allowing her environment to effect her life in a negative way. What is her motivation? How did she choose? What other examples does she use? This book has a message for those living in poverty, feeling unwanted, dealing with racial issues and abuse. How to turn negative into the positive, that is what this book is about. Based on real experiences not theory.

About the Author

Born in Oakland California, a child of mixed heritage when it was not acceptable. Marianna grew up in the rough inner city of Los Angeles, the notoriously violent Watts District. The product of a multi racial union, left first with relatives, then abandoned and given over to foster care, Marianna's life was a struggle at best and a tragedy at worst. But being born, as she says, with the heart and energy of all her ancestors to "unite the all to Love", Marianna's story became not one of poverty, crime and loss, but one of victory, joy, and abundance. Her path to Love started at an early age as she observed the world that she grew up in. In that dark place, an unwanted child, surrounded by poverty and abuse of all kinds. she heard the voice of Love call and in that listening she was able to bring into her life Loving experiences that have bought her to a Magical Existence of Love. Her knowledge and faith have bought her much joy and blessed her with 3 wonderful children who grew up with the love and guidance that she received. Saving lived, loved and taught in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Arizona, England, Greece , Germany, Fiji, Australia, Cambodia,Taiwan, Bali and Thailand, she is now bringing the message that was given to her and sharing with the world, with people, who long for more love and joy in their life. She now lives a fulfilled life of love with her husband in Brisbane, Australia.

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