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Cause You Were There

 Maria ChouchtariMaria ChouchtariTrue love needs say nothing.
Isn't that amazing?
And yet our incapacity to grasp the reality
of anything real, least of all love and truth
yet makes us keep searching and searching
and while the wings of our hearts keep flapping
my fingers, on the keyboard, keep typing
words I hope would fill the void we feel
when attempting to capture the impossible.

A reality so far beyond our material existence
and yet so close to our breathing
Like the blood that flows in our veins representing life
and the sooner we find it, the better off we will be
for this eternal striving search is killing me softly
just like the words of a song I love so dearly
i can hardly breathe, it goes so deep in feeling
never can i hope to achieve such heights
and yet i keep trying.
As if trying to find some phrase in my simple vocabulary
to describe the untouchable
Truth has no shape, form or color
An invisible essence covered in soft dew
with sunshine acting as illumination
like a candle to our vision
a view from the inside
something like seeing a mirage in a dream.
Is it real? Is it mystic, does it exist?
I think i just dreamed of what heaven was like
and it looked a lot like earth.
Cause you were there.

Maria Chouchtari

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