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Violin Encores

Violin Encores

Jonathon Shaw, our first young man ever to be interviewed by Treasures of Wonderment. Welcome Jonathon. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. Between school, sports and music, your plate is full, Jonathon. Before sharing your beautiful performance with the 'Elimination of Extreme Video", would you mind telling us more about yourself as young man. How do you feel being so successful at the age of 15?

Jonathon Shaw in Rasghse Atash(Dance of Fire) videoJonathon Shaw in Rasghse Atash(Dance of Fire) videoJonathon: I first wanted to thank you for having an interview with me. It is a pleasure and I am grateful. To answer, I believe that I definitely have a distant road ahead of me. But to this date, I have truly enjoyed every performance and I have received many accounts of love and adoration from audiences and friends. I am fortunate enough to express music to people and receive such care in return.

Annick: Is everyone in your family, a musician?  What do you think that your parents thought when they realized how talented their son was?  How does your brother feel about your becoming so popular?

Jonathon ShawJonathon ShawJonathon: I was the first musician in our family even extending to my mother’s and father’s sides. They were surprised to say the least to see a musician being formed for the first time!  Jordan is a one-of-a-kind person. He has watched and danced during my performances and I always received a “good job” by him every time. I know he looks up to me and I try to be a good influence. He is patient, generous and above all mature for his age.

Annick: How old were you when you first put your hand on a violin.  Was it fun? Did you connect with the instrument, right away?

Jonathon: When first exposed to the violin, I was 10 years old and I felt many conflicting emotions such as joy and frustration. Joy was felt because I knew that this instrument would produce joy itself and frustration due me realizing the many obstacles and to overcome. At first, I was doubtful that I had made a solid decision whether to keep playing the violin or to choose another instrument. However, as time progressed, I felt more attached and finally made my decision!

Now Playing!Now Playing!Annick: There is no doubt that you seem very comfortable with it and that yes, practice will do it but there is more into it for you. It is second hand nature. How do you feel about playing and do you have any dream?

Jonathon: Now that many of the technical restrictions are behind me, I now feel very creative when I play. I love spending time just casually playing in my room and seeing what spontaneous tune I may  come up with. I do dream of performing on an international stage at some point. This dream has been with me for many years. I know the road to that stage is long but I am determined to get there.

Annick: What grade are you in and how do your friends at school feel about you being so talented so demanded with your new performances?   Do they ever ask you to play for them at school? 

Jonathon: I am currently in my Junior year of high school. My friends do realize the hectic schedule music demands and they are very understanding.

Jonathon with with his parents, Firouz and Jamie Shaw and brother, JordanJonathon with with his parents, Firouz and Jamie Shaw and brother, JordanAnnick: I would think that being a violinist of your level and so young, it demands a lot of sacrifice and a lot o discipline.  Do you have time for sports like football, soccer or baseball?  If yes, what would be your favorite team?   Do you have a girl friend?

Jonathon:  It does require sacrifice but I know that I will receive something positive in return which enables me to make those sacrifices.  I do enjoy sports. I am playing and watching soccer. I believe it is one of the best organized sports we have as a world. I do love following the Netherlands team.  I do not have a girl friend, yet. However I have many close friends. Music and school do accommodate the majority of my time.

Jonathon Shaw in Ey Iran videoJonathon Shaw in Ey Iran videoAnnick: Are both of your parents Persian?  When did they move to the US and what brought them there?  Do you feel lucky to be born in the US and not in Iran?

Jonathon: My dad is Persian and my mom is American. My dad emigrated from Iran nearly 40 years ago.  Violence was brewing in Iran as displayed by the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran. That, I would say, was his main reason for leaving.    I do feel fortunate for being born in a country that enables one to express their beliefs and to follow their passions without restriction. However, I cannot help but feel for those in Iran who have their rights stifled by such a harsh regime.

Annick: How difficult is it for you to put down the violin and grab your Algebra and History books?  Are you planning on becoming a professional violinist?

Jonathon ShawJonathon ShawJonathon: Thankfully one of the lessons I have learned is to stay abreast on your studies. Therefore, I am willing to put down the violin at anytime to finish my Pre-Calculus!   I know that violin will never cease to exist in my life and I am striving to become a professional violinist. However, when I hit college, pressed times will mandate me to put the violin on the backburner for some time.

Annick: Your parents must be so proud of you and very busy with a child becoming so famous. Are they enjoying their new role?   What about your brother, is he a musician, too?  Would you like him to perform with you, one day?

Jonathon: My parents have never stopped enjoying it after my very first performance. Though it does get a little demanding with scheduling performances, for example, they always find a way to have fun!   Jordan will definitely play with me in the future. He is currently learning the piano and everyone was mesmerized to see how quick he became so skillful.

Jonathon ShawJonathon ShawAnnick: Talent is wonderful but often it comes with popularity. Do you enjoy being surrounded and supported by so many people?  Did you ever feel shy or does it all come natural to you?

Jonathon: I do love socializing with people I encounter at locations in which I perform. Some have become true friends. I think it’s wonderful to meet new people and get to know them on a friendly level.

Annick:  How did you get inspired by performing some Persian music?   What does music feel like to you? Is it spiritual to you or you just enjoy it?   Would you like to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City? 

Jonathon: I have a wide genre of music that I listen too. It was in fact a CD I heard of a Persian violinist that inspired me to play Persian music. Music does encompass some spirituality when playing but more so when composing. It is when composing that I feel the most spiritually inclined. My dream is to indeed play at an international level for a diverse audience.

Jonathon Shaw with Faramarz AsefJonathon Shaw with Faramarz AsefAnnick: You are an ambitious young man, Jonathon. What message would you like to share with all our young readers around the world? 

Jonathon: I would love to tell them to never let go of their passions and always be the pilot of their lives. I hope that one day I will have the pleasure of performing for all of them!

Annick:  It was a great pleasure speaking with you, Jonathon. All the friends at Treasures of Wonderment wish you only the best and much success for many years to come.  Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to answer my questions.



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