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Playing For Unity In Diversity

Playing For Unity In Diversity

Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of the City of Tucson, Arizona proclaimed March 17th, 2012 to be "Unity In Diversity Day."  Playing For Unity In Diversity is more than a vision. Its mission is to promote peace. Our intent is to create a rich and dynamic day-long cultural experience for Tucson and Arizona to celebrate and embrace diversity and provide an opportunity for adults and children to spend a wonderful day together. What better way to celebrate unity and peace than through the Arts!

Treasures of Wonderment: Who is behind the production of the Music Festival? Are you a musician?

Annick Elziere: One people. Everyone who participated, performed and supported the 2012 Playing For Unity In Diversity event made it happen. I'm just the 'chef d'orchestre.' I am a native French woman who grew up in France. I am also an American citizen for 25 years now and a resident of Tucson for 2 years. I love music and cannot imagine life without it. I feel that music is what will unite the world. It's a down to earth thing, you know... Musician? No, I am not gifted that way. I can't hold a tune, can't dance and cannot draw nor paint. My talent reflects into organizing events. I'm just a creative person.

Treasures of Wonderment: The Mayor of Tucson, Arizona has proclaimed March 17, 2012, Tucson's Unity In Diversity Day. Were you surprised?

Annick Elziere: Not really because HOPE is a way of life. People are caught into a negative mode but I try not to be. It is very easy to become cynical like everyone else around us. When you have faith it is much easier to face the light than darkness. Arizona has a great potential to become a great example of 'Unity In Diversity' because of its huge diversity. It is sad to see the way people treat one another. We are all the same no matter where we come from and what language we speak. Ignorance is not a blessing.  People from around the world come and live in Tucson looking for the sun, the heat, space and its mystical scenery. Seniors love Tucson because of its dry climate. I call it the 'Lone Ranger' state.' It is stuck into the past. I am not here to change people but to show a new way of life. Working together is the answer. The 'Playing for Unity In Diversity' music festival is about community involvment and what better way than doing it through the Arts!

When I went to the Mayor's Office to pick-up the Proclamation, I spoke with the Mayor's Executive-Assistant and was quite impressed with the Proclamation document that she gave me. It is beautiful. The document says:

The 'Playing For Unity In Diversity' logo has been designed by Hong Tatt Foo from PA. ( 'Playing For Unity In Diversity' logo has been designed by Hong Tatt Foo from PA. (
WHEREAS, the principle of “Unity in Diversity” celebrates the wonderful diversity of humankind; and

WHEREAS, in a world of many cultures, beliefs, and loyalties, it is crucial to embrace those things that unite and bring us together; and

WHEREAS, the United States, the Southwest, and Arizona are evidence of the richness of human diversity; and

WHEREAS, the residents of Tucson exemplify this rich diversity in such abundance.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor of the City of Tucson, Arizona, do hereby proclaim March 17th, 2012 to be 
Unity In Diversity Day  in this community, and encourage all of our citizens to support and enjoy the presentation “Playing for Unity in Diversity” at Old Tucson and experience the demonstration of this principle in action at such a happy event.

I feel pride looking at it. It is an accomplishment. Of course, I have invited the Mayor of Tucson to read the Proclamation himself at the 'Playing For Unity In Diversity' music festival but he declined my invitation. I sent an invitation to Governor Jan Brewer but I never received a response. I, then, realized that it was as far as they would go and that is to present me with a beautiful document which I am very proud of.  The media has ignored this event, too. The Arts will and must play a great role for change. 

Treasures of Wonderment: How did "Playing For Unity In Diversity" start?

Annick Elziere: It's very simple. It all started with my efforts in the creation of the New Jersey Independent music festival in year 2004 and now, today, you are all present as part of "Playing For Unity In Diversity" a music festival that, I hope will grow and become better and better. It does not depend on me but all of us since we are all volunteers. An event created by Real People For A Real World!

Wouldn't it be nice to see "Playing For Unity In Diversity" pop up all over the United States? Nobody can deny that great things can be accomplished when we all come together for a good purpose. Schools must encourage students to pick up an art and develop it to its maximum. Art is life because it comes directly from the heart. My special thanks to ALL who desire to bring change through service and who are willing to contribute to the success of 'Playing For Unity In Diversity' music festival, a not for profit event celebrating people of all colors, faith and backgrounds.

If you wish to be part of this event created by Real People For A Real World, please contact us through the website at

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Playing For Unity In Diversity

The interpretation of Globalization, or Mondialisation du monde, in today's society is quite different from what we believe, it is very political taking advantage of minorities or what we used to call the 'third world' in order to advance and agenda for more power and money. This is wrong and that is not what TW and Playing For Unity In Diversity are about. We believe in Diversity and not Uniformity. We praise cultural enrichment, differences, empowerment and that is why we celebrate Unity in Diversity leaving politics out of our lives. We are creating our own Spiritual Revolution through Positive Change Through The Arts & Creative Living.

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