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A Tribute to Robin Williams

A Tribute to Robin Williams

A Tribute to Robin Williams   (who passed on to the Place of the Placeless)

I would almost say.
Viva to the one who inspire others to be inspired.
For many a day I have lived without inspiration
The taste of life had gone sour
Too many things were there only to discourage
And much phoniness showed its true colors
Dismayed by what we thought is real
Only to find out we were fooled and betrayed.

Such it is with the heartbreaks of life.
But every once in a while a true being appears
Some great creature comes along
To remind the fools that truth exists
As do the sincere
In the hope that some reality of what is real and genuine
Becomes the vision to clear the fog
Of how we should be, yet have we forgotten how to feel?
Have we become robots playing out the role of living?

I know my problem.
I feel too much and often forget to just let go.
Be carefree as the wind
And let its gentle breezes soothe my soul.
Thank you for having allowed my words to flow
For awhile they were silenced by too much pain and sorrow.
But a clever soul reaches out and inspires
The ink begins to flow again on a page.
Even if it be just characters of a character
A font of computer, scribbling upon an electronic screen.

How the Robin needs not be given notes to sing
It just chirps its life away in a song
Reminding us Spring will come back
Again and again.
This folk dance made of mere words
A polka of sentences
A ballet of leaps
And a hip hop of giggles
Has allowed my soul to dance again.
And there is nothing more I love to do best
Than dance and forget someone may be watching..
Like in the song of HAPPY, I think most just forgot how to be
Yet took a few steps and dared to share a sentiment.
It went around the world in an instant...
And be it but for a moment , all were happy...dancing to happy.

Music accompanies at times silly gestures
Humor is essential in creativity
The artist at his easel
The musician at his instrument
The professional and the not so professional when dancing
Taking the steps to let others know..
They too only a little.
That is what made it so great...
You didn't have to be a professional.

We don't all have to be poets in the raw
We just have to inscribe our souls on invisible paper.
and cast it to the wind...
Hoping to inspire other souls while it floats.
The sentiments written within.
Never planned and rarely perfect...
But then again, who's equipped to judge one's soul.
It is just a feeling of words that spread
Like mayonnaise on a BLT sandwich.

The hams of life are there to make us laugh.
The street dancers show us steps to imitate
Just enough time for a few trips to the north and south
Be it while dreaming or daydreaming.
Just to see what others are doing in the rest of the world.
In so that we find a kindred spirit close by
Thank God for internet..
After having traveled the world up and down
Fearing at first to talk to strangers and yet...
Finally daring to share a word or two, we become acquainted.

Mirrors of reflections showing us often
That we have more in common than we know, despite our differences
With many of the same hurts and sorrows and yet
It's time to make a ham sandwich and laugh a bit.
Try on that T-Shirt just to notice that it had shrunk in the wash
And is now up to the belly button
And hear the sports commentator says during a football game in Canada..
That it is perfect London weather while standing under the pouring rain.

Taking leaps of faith in the hope that somewhere there is hope and relief
Cause too many have already died for the wrong reasons.
Given up for burdens to difficult to bear.
Still they are remembered and we pray God to receive them.
May He be their Host and share his Home in the Heaven of Understanding.

Dedicated to our dear friend and poet, Robin Williams..
Who knew how to make others laugh
When often he was crying inside himself
and the pain inside overwhelming.
God bless his soul for the generosity, humor and love he shared
A life lived to make others happy.
Creativity is often a painful journey.
Still he hung on for as long as he could.
And for that, we are truly grateful to a soul who just knew
Sometimes it's just too hard to just be oneself.

We can't be good at everything all of the time. His motto.
He didn't just role play at life...
He truly lived out all of the sentiments inside.
All of the voices and expressions in his head and gestures
All the lives as he portrayed and mimicked them
Laughed at life out loud.
It became too overwhelming to be self-contained.
All personalities mixed into one.
Too difficult to assume for too long.
He became heavy inside when he felt he may lose his treasure, his art.
He lost himself in the imitation of others...and still
A blessing, he passed by here..
even if he passed on to the place of the placeless.

Robin McLaurin Williams (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014) was an American actor, comedian, film producer, and screenwriter.

For great ones, such as he, truly move my soul and inspire me to write.
Who would have thought that the one who made us laugh so hard, could also make us cry and shed real tears.
Miss you well and spread your wings in the Eternal light.

Maria Chouchtari


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