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DJ Grin, Peacemaker

DJ Grin, Peacemaker

In celebration of the EMPOWERMENT of REFUGEE YOUTH in our community and around the globe, we are offering a special evening featuring Congolese refugee music artist, DJ Grin “the peacemaker” and the launch of his first music album in the US following his resettlement to Tucson, recently.

The evening will also showcase a wide variety of refugee artists, as well as the award-winning documentary film, Sauti, chronicling the lives of women in Uganda’s Kyangwali Refugee Settlement. Cherished by many as a devoted employee of Tucson Medical Center (TMC), Donald Mahanga is co-founder of Youth Talent Growth (YTG) and a rising local leader whose music unites communities across lines of color, class and background, bridging communities within Tucson and the US at large and seeking to build hope for refugee youth across the country and around the world.

Beginning as a songwriter in 1998 and launching his first album in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in Western Uganda in 2013, DJ Grin has never doubted the power of music for peace building and community empowerment. Rising to meet the new opportunities provided by life in the US, his new 6-song album will be on sale the night of the event featuring both audio and video. The concert will also showcase an array of talented musicians from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda – refugees who now reside in Arizona, Kansas, Texas and Kentucky joining together in Tucson for this special evening celebrating their perseverance, courage, culture and talent!

The event will open with a screening of multiple award winning film, Sauti (“Voice” in Swahili), following five young women over the course of several years on their personal journeys past early marriage, subsistence farming, subordination to male relatives, and the crisis of having generation after generation of refugees born into a life of exile and lack of possibility.

Sauti profiles five teenage girls in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in western Uganda who, with tenacity, tenderness and imagination, approach their uncertain futures to create new lives of their own choosing. The film, told completely in the voices of refugee girls, witnesses the power of young women struggling for agency and self-determination against the odds, and inspires audiences to renew their ideas about the daily realities, hopes, and dreams of refugees. Join in for a fully immersive evening of music and storytelling!

Expect to enjoy uplifting African beats and leave inspired by the ability we all possess to rise above our challenges and be empowered together. Contributing organizations include: Iskashita Refugee Network (IRN) - Tucson, Sauti Movie Production - Colorado, Youth Talent Growth (YTG) - Tucson, and CIYTOA - Uganda/DRC

SPECIAL CONCERT & FILM EVENT | SEPTEMBER 29th, 2018 - 7 PM  | Tucson, Arizona
Event brought to you by DJ Grin the peacemaker and community servant.

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ADVANCED TICKETS $ 15  ($20 at the door)


(Source: The Sea Of Glass | Tucson, Arizona |

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